Simply Vegan

Pictures that speak for themselves

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Simply Vegan


All that you see is vegan. From the melted herb and garlic cream cheese above, to the pistachio crème fraîche and chocolate cream on the vegan shortbreads.

Sometimes the visual feast can be so vibrant that it speaks for itself :

Simply delicious


Colour.  Flavour.  Texture.


Berries. Chocolate. Cream.







Mini potato skin with melted cheese, tomato and chives 


Cucumber cups with beetroot hummus, pomegranate seed, red amaranth and lime dressing

Watermelon with blonde, heritage cherry tomato and feta

Vegan Feta.

This is much more creamy and less flaky...but delicious!

Rice Crackers


Sweet potato bhajees with turmeric and beetroot hummus, water melon and lambs lettuce



Crushed avocado, red amaranth and pomegranate 





Cheese and tomato mini jacket potato

Berries,chocolate, fruit and vegan crème fraîche

Golden Heritage plum cherry tomato croutes with melted herb cream cheese and homemade garden herb jelly  

Cranberry and orange relish with Wensleydale on gluten free bread 

Simply Vegan

Simply Vegan

Cucumber cups with a turmeric and beetroot hummus, horse ear scallion and chive with pink pickled red onion

Shortbreads with pistachio crème fraîche, chocolate and honeyed raspberry

Strawberry and raspberry shortbreads with lime and lemon : I was delighted with the result ....the lemon and lime zest, just the most minute couple of millimetres of each, enhanced these tiny bite canapés, lifting the taste experience to greater heights. 

Pistachio and chocolate